BUYING a home



Buying a home is both a personal and financial decision. I am a knowledgeable, dedicated and experienced REALTOR® and I’ve helped many buyers enter the market or transition from for one property to the next seamlessly. 

I approach each situation with an open mind and ready to listen to your needs and expectations of me.

My system is planned and organized and I execute it with enthusiasm and a willingness to help. 

I will walk you through the offer process from start to finish, explaining each step along the way. Your needs and wants are always at the forefront of our conversations. I value and facilitate open and timely  communication, educating and empowering you with options and proven strategies to ensure you are in the most advantageous position. 

I am also well connected with other real estate professionals such as real estate lawyers, mortgage brokers, lenders, trades, designers and home inspectors,  all available to you if or when you need them to make your house buying experience smooth and stress-free.

I’ll help you understand and interpret the most recent market stats and how it may impact your buying process. I’ll offer you sound advice and support you in your decision.

You can also feel good about my experience as a trained negotiator with Real Estate Negotiation Network Expert (RENE). I've worked through some of the most challenging real estate markets to date and have successfully navigated difficult multiple offer negotiations for many successful clients. 

I will work hard for you and encourage you to stay focused and true to your needs and values when negotiations become difficult. My priority is to ensure you are protected and in the most favourable position to negotiate the best possible deal.

Buying a house is an emotional process and you’ll benefit from having a confident and objective thinker supporting you every step of the way. So whether you’re new to the market or trading into your dream home, I am happy to put my skillset to work for you! 

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I recommend you contact your current banking institution and have them pre-approve you for a mortgage amount that based on your income and current financial obligation, you can afford. Be prepared to discuss topics such as your down payment, deposit, closing costs and most current interest rate. You may also ask your mortgage specialist about the difference of a variable and closed interest rate and whether either option would be a benefit to you. If you don't have a banking relationship with a bank or credit union, I am happy to recommend several trusted banking professionals that will do their best for you. 


Contact me to discuss your needs, wants, timeline to purchase and budget and I will provide you access to the fastest link to MLS all listings. We will work together to eliminate unfavourable options and focus on properties that meet your needs, wants, budget and timeline. We will visit the houses together to give you a good "feel for them" and help you assess and evaluate the possibility of making an offer. House-Buying can be a process of both discovery and elimination of what you thought you liked and what you discovered otherwise. Either way, my job as your REALTOR® is to guide and support you in through that process until we’re certain about your choices.


When we find the right property, we will make an offer with price, terms and conditions to reflect your needs and wants, and we will negotiate to get you the best possible deal. The Offer to Purchase may, but is not limited to the following conditions such as financing, home inspection and a review of a Property Disclosure Statement satisfactory to you the buyer. Each situation is unique and we will discuss this at length at the time when we write the offer. The process may also include a Home Inspection, Appraisal, CMHC approval and quotes for home improvements if you’ve decided to take advantage of Purchase Plus Improvements Mortgage.


Once we have an accepted Offer to Purchase, I will send the offer and all particulars to the lender that you are pre-approved with and they will get to work on approving mortgage financing for the purchase. They may still need to collect the following documents; Gift Letter if the down payment money is being gifted by family, Updated Letter of Employment and most recent Pay stubs, and Bank Statements.


Once all conditions of the Offer to Purchase have been met and all documentation has been sent to your lawyer’s office, you’ve officially bought a house. If you do not have or know of a real estate lawyer that can help you close the transaction, I will be happy to refer you to very reputable real estate lawyers.


Two weeks prior to the date of possession is a great time to start researching and "shopping" for the best insurance policy for your home. If you don’t know of a reputable insurance broker, please let me know and I’ll be happy to refer you.


A few days prior to possession you will meet with your lender to finalize the details of your mortgage. For this meeting you will need to bring a copy of a Home Insurance policy and you will have a conversation about purchasing a Life Insurance Policy if you choose.


Part of your closing process will require the services of a real estate lawyer. If you aren’t connected with one, I will be happy to refer you. A few days prior to possession, you will meet with the lawyer to sign the mortgage documents and pay all closing costs associated with the purchase. Closing costs include the remainder of your down payment, Land Transfer Tax, property tax adjustments and any other outstanding cost. The lawyer will contact you prior to the meeting with a balance owing and you will be expected to bring a bank draft to satisfy the balance. Depending on key availability, you may also receive keys to your new home!


This is the day you officially take possession of your home and can move in! The first few items to do when you move in is to check on the functionality of all the included items in the Offer to Purchase such as appliances, furnace, A/C and a general good inspection of the property to ensure it is in reasonably the same condition as when you made the offer on it. We always aim to have best results, but if things present differently, please call me right away to have it taken care of. You will also take meter readings of all your utilities such as hydro, gas and water and call the readings into the appropriate utility company.


Congratulations on becoming a home owner!