The Process

Building a custom home is as unique as the individual and it means turning your dream home from a vision into reality. Part of my work is to understand your needs and wants, the quality of finishes you expect, design elements that are important to you, functional considerations based on your lifestyle needs, timeline to build and budget. This information helps me to pair you with a builder that has an excellent track record delivering what you expect. 

My experience in new home sales stems from working with Arlt Homes in Taylor Farm for a number of years and learning about new build construction, quality materials, workmanship, negotiation of new build contracts and high level customer care. 

The new built process varies builder to builder. Variations can occur in the amount of downpayment needed, financing of the build, how upgrades are managed and paid for, contracts, warranties and timelines, are just a few of the items to keep in mind when building. 

When visiting showhomes, what is important to keep in mind is new home construction is set up to have the Builder's Representative strictly act and represent the builder's best interest, hence it is in your best interest to have your own representation. 

My role as your agent is to show you differences in new built quality to help you decide what you like, walk you through the contractural process so you can comfortable with its terms and conditions and be in on-going communication with the builder on items such as contract conditions and timelines. 

My well-rounded knowledge and experience will benefit and protect you from potential misunderstandings and ensure you fully understand your rights and legal obligations. From a practical perspective, I'll help you understand new home construction in terms of quality materials, workmanship, which upgrades are worth upgrading, timelines to completion and any warranties.  

Allow my experience, expertise and dedication to great service to work for you as we work together to deliver you a custom home that not only meets your expectations and budget, but also creates lasting memories for you and your family. 

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